Our Services

H2RG designs, builds and maintains low-voltage cabling technology for government, educational and corporate clients. Our teams are certified and trained, partnering with clients nationwide.

Service Overviews:

H2RG can design and install low voltage cabling projects that range from a small office to a multi campus environment. We offer a full range of cabling products and cabling services to fulfill every requirement. Our experienced technicians are fully trained and BICSI accredited as well as hold other wiring manufacturer’s certifications. Our cabling design and services include horizontal cabling, copper and fiber backbone, audio/visual and security systems. No structured cabling company is more aware of what is required, or takes its responsibilities more seriously than we do.

H2RG offers a full range of service for firestopping required spaces located in your facility. We use all approved sealants, muffins, pre-fire stopped sleeves and caulks to insure that your facility is compliant with codes and standards. H2RG has even provided firestopping to existing environments that did not have adequate firestop products installed.

H2RG can provide services to accurately document and test all of your cable locations within your building and provide electronic records (to include blueprints, labeling, and test records). All information can be turned over to you to manage your cable additions in the future, or H2RG can manage for you.

In the past, as companies moved office locations or upgraded their cabling systems, large amounts of cables were left abandoned in the ceiling spaces, riser systems and air handling systems of buildings. These abandoned cables pose serious concerns for safety due to the increased fuel load during a fire. Consequently, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has written into the National Electric Code (NEC) the requirement for the removal of abandoned cable.

Often the removal of the abandoned cable is performed during the demolition phase of construction. However, it is important to make sure that all the cables to be removed are truly abandoned and are not still being used in adjacent office spaces. The removal of abandoned cable in a working office environment is often a very tedious and labor-intensive process. H2RG can provide on-site identification and removal of abandoned communications cabling, hardware and equipment and will work closely with the customer to identify a proper implementation plan to minimize the impact on daily business operations.